Kanye 再次于 Twitter 暴走并要求 Drake「公开道歉」?

两人的 Beef 究竟还要吵多久?

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话题大神 Kanye West 除了在去年底赠送一户要价 $1,400 万美元的住房赠予 Kim Kardashian 之外,他与昔日好兄弟 Drake 的恩怨情仇依旧尚未解开。过去,Kanye West 曾在 Twitter 接连发布多则讯息(点此观看争吵细节),向 Drake 放话不要一直做小动作,甚至要他不要破坏他的家庭。关于 Kanye 的种种暴走行为,让他惹来不少网民反感,而本次抓狂中最为关键的话即是 Kanye 希望 Drake 能公开道歉。

Kanye 近年一直受到心理疾病影响,虽然许多言论或是行为都让他饱受批评,但他对于「Peace & Love」这点却是不遗余力地进行提倡。如同下方多则贴文,虽然 Kanye 看似一直批评 Drake,但他也表示他依旧关爱着 Drake,因此就看 Drake 该如何回应?

I’ve never mentioned or touched on anything related to family when it came to Drake? he followed my wife on Instagram he mentioned Pusha’s fiancé in a song

He dodged me for months when I extended olive branches to talk and then called to threaten me

This man tried to used my family’s song to get at me He been trying to pick a fight since the pool line

Who’s bright idea was it to tell Drake to follow my wife on Instagram ? This person is not Drskes friend

I don’t have beef with no one. Love everyone but don’t follow my fucking wife on Instagram

Ima focus on my family And you keep my family out of all of this wrestling foolishness

You could have been sat down with me I don’t need to score no points off of drake. If that was the case I wouldn’t have reached out in the first place

I don’t ignore people and I also don’t let people just fuck with me

I only play by God’s rules. I don’t follow no man made codes

Much love to people who think it’s better to fight or even worse over talking Y’all day it’s lame when I tweet but this man been dodging me and I got something to say

Or it’s cool if it’s a diss record because it’s more entertaining? Ima break all codes. I ain’t taking advice from no one who ain’t do nothing to actually help

This man followed my wife on Instagram I feel a public apology in order

I ain’t never followed anyone else’s methods I ain’t trying to be cool

If I got any cooler I would freeze to death

See when you care about your family you don’t let no man push you to do nothing that could risk your freedom

Tweeting is legal and also therapeutic

If something’s on my mind and spirit I let it out

I love everyone even Drake. That’s my whole thing

Love everyone


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