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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 第二轮新品 HBX 正式上架


经典发布鞋 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 诞生至今 100 周年,当中每一个年份经典 Chuck Taylor 都有所分别,例如早前 CONVERSE All Star 100 周年复刻大作 ALL STAR J VTG 50 HI 便是来自 50 年代的经典设定,而对于古著迷来说,诞生于 70 年代的 Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 绝对是当中最平易近人之逸品,鞋身用上厚身立体的 14 安士的 100% 棉帆布制作,相当挺身,橡胶鞋头较短和圆润并且配上光泽面胶边,穿起上来比起普通 Chuck Taylor 更加舒适,最后搭载签名式的黑色三星标志。一系列全新复刻配色现已于 HBX 上架,有兴趣的朋友密切留意!

What is your approach in design of the fast fashion ?
In terms of design, which part most concern you?
What is the H&M edition all about? What is concept behind this premium line?
How do u keep pushing the brand and design moving forward in such competitive and also at a faster pace industry ?
What is the role of fast fashion in cultural aspect?
What do you comment on plagiarism and eco-issue on the fast fashion industry?
How do see the future of the fast fashion and e-commerce ?

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