Max Schaaf x Vans Syndicate Mountain Edition 4Q「S」联名滑板鞋


Footwear 球鞋

来自 4Q Conditioning 的 Max Schaff,除了是一名滑板好手外,同时也是一位资深的机车文化爱好者,继 2009 年的首次合作之后,最近他再度受到 Vans Syndicate 邀请,共同打造了一双 Mountain Edition 4Q「S」联名滑板鞋。新鞋在设计上从 Max 的家乡奥克兰汲取灵感,并采用了军用级别的黑色皮革包覆中筒轮廓,而内部则是耐热的 Warrior 麂皮衬里,再加上鞋头位置的魔术贴绑带,符合机车文化所象征的硬派美学气质。除此之外,设计师还通过压纹 Logo 表明特殊身份,最后搭载 Ultracush HD 鞋垫和华夫胶底呈现。

据悉这款 Mountain Edition 4Q 将于 10 月 17 日登陆 Vans 指定门店,下面是我们为大家带来 Syndicate 针对此次合作与 Max 的对话节选,感兴趣的朋友也可以登陆 阅读完整内容。

Sorry I missed your call, I was just on my motorcycle.

Where were you riding to?

I had to go into the city to grab some motorcycle hardware, and I heard a John Prine song today and I had to have it, so stopped by this little record shop in Oakland on the way home. Its hard to find his records on vinyl, the guy told me ‘i don’t have the record here, but I have two at home and I’ll hook you up with it if you come in tomorrow’

You didn’t try to find it online?

No, I’m just trying to avoid that shit right now. I’m trying to do a little bit more ‘made in America’ even though its impossible, and a little less E-Bay or Amazon. The extra 10 bucks you spend just seems so worth it.

Well, I’m calling to ask about the new edition of your Vans Syndicate shoe, but let me first ask you if you remember your first skate shoes ever? How you first got skate shoes as opposed to random other shoes?

Yeah, its weird, cause I don’t ever remember a time without Vans… as perfect as that is for me to say to you right now… I’ve seen photos of myself in the navy-blue boat shoes (Authentics) before I skated. We wore hand-me-downs, and shoes were a pretty big deal, and that being said, I really cared what shoes I had. Early on when I started skating, I saw a dude skating in Hawaiian print Vans slip-ons, and I had to have ‘em. My dad found where they sold them, it was a few towns away. At the time I wore a 5.5 and all they had was 7.5.

I convinced him that they fit, I remember showing up at a kid party and instantly everyone noticed that my shoes were too big for my feet. But… they were the really sick Hawaiian print Vans from way back, that must have been 1983.

Since the beginning it was Vans, then the red checkerboard high-tops. I did the custom order that they used to have in the back of magazines. It said 8-12 weeks, and it took months and months and months… waiting for the UPS dude to come. I did a pretty wild pair, checkerboard on the outside, Hawaiian on the inside, red tongue on one, blue tongue on the other, they were nuts but they were so cool.

All the stuff you are mentioning is all stuff that Vans has brought back, that skaters wear now… the Hawaiian print and custom orders. But for a long time those shoes were hard to get. Did you ever have the lace-savers?

That’s embarrassing dude, not only the lace-saver that came with the shoes but i’d lace in an extra one to the front of the checkerboard Vans.

Its funny we are talking about it, because I just went to NY for that bike show there, and was having a full shoe crisis, cause I wanted to skate a bit, but I wanted my shoes to look right. And none of the shoes I had were right so went to the local college kid store and bought some navy Vans boat shoes (Authentics)… the navy blue and white ones, cause those always look so good. I shoe-goo’d the ollie area, cause I knew I was going to skate in Brooklyn…. and still I look down and remember the smell of the first box.



Mountain Research x Reebok Club C II Mid 最新聯乘鞋款正式登場
Footwear 球鞋

Mountain Research x Reebok Club C II Mid 最新联乘鞋款正式登场


KITH x Vans Vanult 最新聯名系列正式登場
Footwear 球鞋

KITH x Vans Vanult 最新联名系列正式登场


Brain Dead x Vault by Vans 全新聯名正式登陸 HBX
Footwear 球鞋

Brain Dead x Vault by Vans 全新联名正式登陆 HBX

将 Brain Dead 标志 Logo 融入经典黑白格纹之中。

COMME des GARÇONS CDG x Vault by Vans Slip-On 最新聯名鞋款正式登場
Footwear 球鞋

COMME des GARÇONS CDG x Vault by Vans Slip-On 最新联名鞋款正式登场

CDG 字样遍布鞋面。

The Hundreds 2015 秋季納米塗層系列
Fashion 时装

The Hundreds 2015 秋季纳米涂层系列


Nike Internationalist 全新配色設計「Varsity Royal」
Footwear 球鞋

Nike Internationalist 全新配色设计「Varsity Royal」

又一双 fragment design 灵感?

Olaf Hussein 2015 秋冬「ØLÅF」系列 Lookbook
Fashion 时装

Olaf Hussein 2015 秋冬「ØLÅF」系列 Lookbook


Supreme x Independent 2015 秋冬聯名系列
Fashion 时装

Supreme x Independent 2015 秋冬联名系列

F*ck The Rest!

Supreme x Independent 2015 秋冬聯名系列 Lookbook
Fashion 时装

Supreme x Independent 2015 秋冬联名系列 Lookbook


一個會提你飲水的水杯 OzmoActive Cup
Tech 科技

一个会提你饮水的水杯 OzmoActive Cup


《Batman VS Superman》 特別的製作戰衣技巧
Entertainment 娱乐

《Batman VS Superman》 特别的制作战衣技巧

By the way,Ben Affleck 是咪真系练到周身肌肉先?

Uniqlo「UMood」裝置通過「讀心術」為顧客挑選 T-Shirt
Tech 科技

Uniqlo「UMood」装置通过「读心术」为顾客挑选 T-Shirt

Uniqlo 打造读心科技!

Nike Tennis Classic AC Velcro 全白配色
Footwear 球鞋

Nike Tennis Classic AC Velcro 全白配色

Chanel 2.55 即视感!

Fashion 时装



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